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Ruka Kameda

Hello, I am a designer whose core value is in empathy. 

I started to appreciate the people and products relationship after spending several years in Germany. I gained curiosity about how people associate and create memories with the products. Spending 3 years in the Product Design course at The Glasgow School of Art, I gained a keen interest in how our sensation stimulus could evoke memories and how designers can create a rich experience in different applications digitally and physically. 


My design practice often involves the topics of sustainability from a cultural perspective: rituals, traditions, interactions between people and the relationship with these with technology and efficiency based lifestyle.


 To further my understanding and to explore my creativity, I have been experimenting with a variety of design-related fields. I enjoy absorbing and discovering rituals that exist in people's lifestyle, which helps me to establish my perspective in my creative practice.



2014 ~ 2017

2017 ~ 2018


2018 ~ 2021

Kwansei Gakuin Senri International School

International Foundation Programme,

The Glasgow School of Art

B.Des. Product Design,
The Glasgow School of Art. (Graduated with First Class)


Volunteer Experience

2020 September - ​

2015 April - 2017 March


2015 Summer/2016 Summer

Radio Guest at FM Minoh
Discussion facilitator, speaker.

Radio Personality at FM Minoh
'Let's Have Fun' programme designer, facilitator, cordinator

3.11 Tohoku Earthquake Volunteer
​Service and Environment Volunteer Leader






​Haldane Building, Glasgow, Scotland

​Haldane Building, Glasgow, Scotland

The Lighthouse, Glasgow, Scotland



Creative Communication Award

​Student Honorable Mentions


iF Design Talent Award Winner 2020


D'source Corona Design Award

​Interaction Design Winner

Work Experience


Co. Ltd. Visible
Assistant director in video content planning, directing, and filming

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